Why Choose a BBNY Intermediary?



Using the right representation will make the difference between closing or losing a deal. A BBNY M&A Advisor is a skilled professional in mergers and acquisitions. They have established relationships with many professional organizations, which are required to complete the transfer of business ownership. These relationships will prove to be invaluable to business owners and buyers alike....

Business Transfer Process


Alan BrindStructure, order and efficiency

Without a formalized and structured process it would be a rather chaotic situation to effect a transfer of ownership from an existing business owner to a new owner.

Doug MabonBusiness Transfer

Transfering ownership rights from one person to another is generally accompanied by many other changes. It may happen if an individual decides to sell their business or provide a person with the control of a certain part of the business. This also happens in a family business when ownership of a particular business is transferred from one generation to the next. BBNY M&A Advisors can discuss all aspects of the transfer.


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