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M&A - BBNY BBNY offers a comprehensive portfolio of business services for business owners of small to mid-market businesses. Services include assisting clients with financial planning and analysis, due diligence, integration, business planning, preparing for sale, exit planning and strategic planning. Our competencies include critical business management areas necessary in running a medium sized business, new business start-up experience, exit strategy planning, as well as other relevant business operations experience, especially financial planning and profit enhancement. In addition, we have relationships with complimentary professional firms to handle almost any business challenge a business owner is likely to ecounter.

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BBNY Business Analysts assist business owners in maximizing the value of their businesses. Many businesses need some level of development before they are ready to go on the market and BBNY Business Analysts can assist business owners in this task. We have the deep management knowledge and experience level to understand what makes a business successful and can turn almost any business into a "best buy" situation.

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Even if you aren't contemplating selling your business, it is always worth critically examining the fundamentals of the business and obtaining an assessment of its value and future potential. We will be pleased to put our expertise and wealth of experience at your service to assist you. In addition, a key factor in the growth and management of any business is to have a sound business plan that articulates the strategy to maximize profitability. BBNY Business Analysts assist many business owners in improving their profitability and cash flow performance.


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Our focus is distribution, manufacturing, high-technology and services businesses globally...


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